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Points system

Post  Mike the Jolteon on June 23rd 2009, 1:25 am

Hi! as you might have noticed, the site has a credits system. Here will explain how to get credits, and what they can be spent on:

Earning credits:
1 credit per NON-SPAM post
3 per NON-SPAM New topic
5 for a great suggestion
5 for being helpful {ie. Reporting inappropriate posts/topics, etc}
7 for referencing a new member {they must post at least 5 times a day for 3 days to receive points}
20 for Affiliating with us {PM the link to your forums to DarkLightning Umbreon or Bulbabeast}
* for winning a clan war{per person} [*clans not active yet]

Spending Credits:
10 to user name change
*50 a user chosen {NON-Shiny} pokemon {choose the attacks, stats etc} /
*100 a user chosen {SHINY} pokemon {choose stats, attacks, etc} *PM DL about these three
*150 An event Pokemon \
200 to make your own Group {ie Special tasks, etc}
400 to get your own Forum section {ie. RP central}

More to come soon!

To Make a Purchase:
PM darkLightning, BonPaladin, or Bulbabeast.
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